Micro Love: The Maid and the School Girl
Author: feng zhong la ye G
101 Chapters
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Micro Love: The Maid and the School Girl


Since her seventeenth birthday, Luo Xiaoxi found that Ouyang had a habit of looking at the calendar several times a day. One day, Luo Xiao Xi couldn't help but ask, : "Ouyang what are you doing looking at the calendar every day?" "I'm looking at how many days you have left for your 18th birthday." "Ow, then you do not have to be so troublesome, when the birthday, I will remind you, do not worry, will not miss your birthday gift." At that, Ouyang smiled wickedly, : "Actually, I'm counting, when I can eat you." "..." There is a mistake in the book title, the real name:Domestic male god a little bad, girl kiss.

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