May I bury the snow for the rabbit demon
Author: qing yu ting
5 Chapters
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May I bury the snow for the rabbit demon


[He is a rabbit, and I have a radish] That day the city is full of smoke and rain, Xi loathing resignation wounded standing in Zhu Yun upstairs, eyes lowered, under the eyes a dark, do not know what is thinking. Xu Xiaoxuan stood in the sea of people, light blue clothes fluttering, thinking that he can really pretend. Who knows, the next second, he jumped down the world-famous Zhu Yun building, shocked the crowd. Xu Xiaoxuan froze for a long time before running towards the still-warm body, she took him in her arms and couldn't stop the tears from flowing. When the crowd left, only she and his corpse remained, she kept crying, but what is this, what is she? "Xi loathing resignation, if one day you really die in front of me, I will definitely not cry." The words fell, the smoke and rain dispersed, she walked out of the predicament to see the blood-soaked Xi Loathing resignation smiled at her. "Then I will not die and live forever."

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