Love is not yet finished, but the road to eliminate the memory of each other
Author: lan hong ma nao
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Love is not yet finished, but the road to eliminate the memory of each other


It may be a long period of insomnia - too tired, at that moment, I have a little bit of sleep, I lie in bed waiting for the light of sleep ...... ...... in a trance, the bathroom door opened, he came out of the bathroom wearing a gray silk bathrobe, water steam with the door open, floating into the bedroom, I got up to open the window a little, a mist elegantly flying out of the window fung ...... I leaned sitting I said: "Are you without bones? He said: "Do not like it? Then I'm going out to sleep? And then raised his head, looking at me pitifully, I was so afraid that he was angry, an angry disease again, I immediately stroked his head and said gently: like, just like you this silly look. When I slid my hand from his head to his neck, I took a look, ah, how the bathrobe just now has become a hospital gown? I was so surprised that I covered my mouth with my hand, oh my! Then I looked down, the lower half of his body had slid from the bed to the floor, his head hanging over the edge of the bed, his limbs falling limply to the floor ...... I jumped off the bed like a cat waking up, holding him from behind and dragging him hard to the bed, but he was too heavy. I wanted to ask my dad for help, but after shouting for half a day, he didn't hear me, my voice was itching, but dad still didn't move! I simply put him on the ground at once, and then went next door to shout at my father, but he was wrapped around my leg, and did not break away!

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