Interstellar girl is beautiful and wild
Author: ye xiao lu
98 Chapters
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Interstellar girl is beautiful and wild


The interstellar female big brother vs. the dark and indifferent hell dad male lead The first time she woke up from a deep sleep, her soul was broken and she slept in the deep sea of the Earth for an unknown period of time. After waking up, without any memory, she met a very stunning looking earth man. His name is Beigong Mo! Beigong Mo was a little cold. "What's your name?" Li Feiye stared at him and kept staring at him. Those cold, thin, scarlet lips were opening and closing. Unfortunately, she couldn't speak. Beigong Mo was a little titillated. Li Feiye finished drinking the medicine and frowned: "I want to eat blue wind chime candy." "Take the initiative to hug me, and I'll give you candy." Li Fei night: "Do you want to fight with me?" How dare you tease her, I'm afraid you don't want a beating! Beigong Mo: my little friend is a little fierce, milk fierce milk fierce. Time and space are intertwined, the people who should meet will eventually meet. I don't know when it became my instinct to love you, I can't lose it, I can't give it up, it goes deep into my bones.

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