I'm a groupie in every world
Author: gui ling you yu
101 Chapters
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I'm a groupie in every world


Jane Heart died and she prayed to the gods to bring her back to life. The gods did not appear, a system appeared. The system kindly tells her that she can be resurrected if she completes the task and helps the male lead. Jane Xin asked: Is it difficult? The system said: not difficult, I gave you bound but the group pet persona. The system said, "I've given you a lot of time to do this. Jane was very happy, confident to complete the task, the results ...... The group pet persona is not false, except that The first world: she is the only young daughter of the landlord's family, the object of the task: by the landlord's father squeezed to the family's destruction of the young son of the farming family. (Completed) The second world: she is the young male of a luxurious family, the object of the task: the little Buddhist squire without desire. (Completed) The third world: she is the baby daughter of the most authoritative professor of the doomsday base, mission object: the elite captain of the belly reborn back to take revenge. (Completed) The fourth world: she is the little stepsister of her sister-controlled brother's school dregs, mission object: gloomy and dark mad batch of college dregs. ............ System, you come out and talk. 1v1

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