I'm a fish out of water in the escape game
Author: an an bu tu tou ya
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I'm a fish out of water in the escape game


"Full Text Free" Jing Si was originally bound to the money maker system, with the villain script in the present world. I didn't expect that after spending a million dollars to complete the newbie mission, I was forced to be bound by another system to do the survival mission. Money Maker System: I do not want to face? Jing Si good face puzzled to ask: sister, that is a late buy one get one free? 【Congratulations to player Jing Si become 10 + praise thriller world's new members, complete the task raw; refuse the task or die in the process, are carried out soul murder】 ① forest castle beautiful roses in large numbers in the ancient castle bloom, you are also interested in viewing it, was invited by the owner of the happy to go, accidentally found a secret ...... ② Fantasy dessert store do not know when from always strange things happen, as the next store manager you have to solve all this, which seems to come from a non-existent room ...... cheeky crowd: "big brother ~ kneel and beg to lie down and win ~" Just want to be salted fish Jing Si:? A boss lowered his eyes and looked at the well-behaved person in front of him with a gloomy smile: A Si is really inviting ah ...... All the old people know that the thriller world has come a real big brother, never lost! Only she herself knows that her crazy move is only to find someone. Looking for someone whose heart is in the right place, who should have died long ago. The faint light of the teenage years a gust of wind can blow down, and today's beliefs make people crazy and deadly reckless to follow the harbor they can rely on.

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