I want to endlessly with you
Author: mu xin mu
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I want to endlessly with you


Qin Muchen and He Xinyang grew up as childhood sweethearts, the two are considered to look at each other, but once there is a third person, they can be said to be unanimous. However, when Qin Muchen just finished his midterm, the accident came and he was leaving ...... Qin Muchen went abroad for two years and finally came back. But he found his own little girl surrounded by people is also increasing day by day ah! "Evening, come here." He Xin Evening looked at the person in front of him who had not seen him for two years, seems to have changed a lot again, but as someone who grew up disliking him, can not be compared to him. "Why should I go over when you tell me to?" "Evening, give me a hug, good boy." "......" "Evening, no getting too close to other boys." "......" "Evening, the rest of my life wants to endlessly with you, so ......" "Wait, um ......" No, what the situation ah? He Xin evening really a face confused just like that, the little green plum confused by the bamboo horse to cheat away the rest of life.

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