I build a nation in the post-apocalyptic world
Author: zhen ma de shou
54 Chapters
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I build a nation in the post-apocalyptic world


[Holographic game + post-apocalyptic] Who would have thought that this wake up can give a change of place. Gu Sheng was originally an ordinary game review anchor in Blue Star, one day after the world broadcast up to find that she wore, but also because of a game warehouse back a huge amount of money owed. Gu Sheng: ...... Seriously, I've never been so speechless in my life. [Dingdong! The "Doomsday Survival" holographic game is fully online, this game uses the most advanced biological access technology, anthropomorphic up to 99% +. The game will be officially opened after 02:00 minutes and 00 seconds, please be ready to log in! By coincidence, the holographic game opened, Gu Sheng Bing not to waste resources and decided to enter the pit. Who knows. [System: Dingdong! You can't leave the game without reaching the pass achievement, wish you a happy game ~] So you can only ...... City map? Get the koi teammates! ...... Territory building? People: Hey, wait! Why is this territory not painted right? Gu Sheng waved his hand: Oh, it's all the same, don't pay too much attention to details. The crowd looked at the territory floating in mid-air and fell into silence. * [small tip before reading. 1. no cp, no reason brain hole growth article. 2. mainstream holographic online game, there are a lot of private settings, part of the game settings reference now online games.]

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