I bought a flow love bean
Author: se feng dao wen
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I bought a flow love bean


He is a top flow love bean in the entertainment industry, named as a once-in-a-millennium "Central Plains beautiful man", after the debut of the group is a hot mess, but not a penny in the pocket. She is a marriage expert who went to Hengdian to relax after losing her marriage, good at reading people's minds, teasing people without knowing it, never following stars but conquered by a flow love bean. ............ "He is just using you to go to the flow." "Why didn't he find someone else to fall in love with to flow, but to find me? It's not because he likes me?" ............ "Your fans said that you like white skin, big breasts and long legs of the European and American style?" "Which has! What kind of sister, I like!" ............ On the podium, he said, "I love you! But if I didn't love honor more, I couldn't love you so much!" ............ On the stage he shone brightly, and off the stage she watched in silence. In the midst of thousands of people, in the midst of the joy of the field, in the midst of the universal celebration, they look at each other, silently transmitting their feelings, in their eyes and hearts, are each other. 2022, in their blatant but cautious, trying to hide but can not restrain, trembling but romantic and exciting love, quietly came. ............ Hot off the presses comes. "Who is the only woman he pays attention to?" "The necklace he wears is the name of that big sister" "He took his scandalous girlfriend to meet his parents?" Sister response: Talked, split up! ............ The sensible elite royal sister X sunny honest brother Sister: say goodbye to sanity, life is rare a few times crazy! Brother: say goodbye to the flow, become a strength to love you with abandon.

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