I am in the game when the kryptonite big brother
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I am in the game when the kryptonite big brother


Today's headline one: shocking! The first consortium of Y country Qianjin Weisheng Yan suspected of playing games late at night died suddenly at home! Today's headline two: Y country's hottest online game "miracle" suddenly announced the closure of the service. Today's headline three: Y country overnight plummeted 20 million people, people are anxious, doomsday rumors swept Y country again. For the matter of sudden death, Weishengyeon said she was aggrieved. She is not just a midnight burst of liver kryptonite, I did not expect the non-commissioned she opened a treasure chest in succession to open a limited edition set, a moment too excited, the result of a breath did not come up! (aggrieved finger) I thought I was dead, but when I opened my eyes, I came to the world of the game, so wouldn't that increase the thrill of revenge? Weisheng Yan looked at the huge amount of assets in his backpack and his smile gradually became obscene (not) 1v1 double clean] [Non-Emperor Kryptonian female big brother vs.

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