I am in the dream fast wear to engage in persona
Author: chun mian bu jue
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I am in the dream fast wear to engage in persona


The girl with a broken leg, Huai Yun Shang, just slept and met a mass of light in her dream that claimed to be a dream messenger.? It is magical and can take her to experience a vivid life under various personas in the middle of a dream world constructed by others. ? Eager to run again, she said it smells great to play freely in these different dream worlds! As for the task, just do it by the way when you are having fun ^_^? @ Introduction Deluxe Edition - Huaiyun on is a nobody loves the little poor, since childhood sick. It was not easy to get well, and was scared out of her mind by the pervert kidnapper. Waiting for her psychological recovery for a few years, and then a car accident broke his leg. The surface is indifferent inside crying Huaiyun Shang: want to comfort and hug ~ So in the dream world Huai Yun Shang is a daily group pet. #Even if it is a dream, waking up is still very moving # There are still people in the world who love me? Huaiyun Shang excitedly pull the bottom, fixed his eyes to see. Oh, so I was dreaming +_+ # Clown is actually myself # #Even if the world does not love you, you must learn to love yourself --Okay, I'm off to love myself! This article is also known as "my brain cells are so active" "so I am the main character, the halo is also a thief" "little cripple? Hey, you can run! ... Note: the ending [no cp] process is very casual ~ The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing.

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