I am in the barbaric wilderness as a businessman
Author: cheng xiao tian tian
20 Chapters
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I am in the barbaric wilderness as a businessman


Sweet Valley thought she was taking a cool heroine script, after all, the randomly bought bought lottery ticket won five million, the randomly bought ring is actually a portable space. When she thought she was going to open the doomsday archive, she was told: you come to help me sell goods, I'll give you a commission. The result was that she was sent to a barbaric world where birds don't shit and trees don't lay eggs. Why does a tree always think about laying eggs, why is it so difficult to sell things! It looks like selling goods, but it's actually an adventure. Sweet Valley: It seems to be quite fun! Empty: You have a good heart. Female protagonist: Gu Tiantian, supporting characters: Empty -

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