I am in Douluo when the red lady
Author: bai ying xiao ge
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I am in Douluo when the red lady


Qiran Ran, a cute high school girl, is quite obsessed with games and anime. In an accident, she unfortunately fell into a valley and her whereabouts are unknown. But she did not die, but came to another world, a world belonging to the martial spirit, named Douluo Continent. Here there is no magic, no fighting qi, no martial arts, but there are magical martial souls. Every ...... Qiran Ran: "I said stop stop! You simply did not catch the point, okay? Here how so many handsome and beautiful ah, it's so good to knock! Wuhu! " She doesn't seem to be interested in cultivation or anything, she just wants to see handsome men and women in love. But even so, her strength as a soul master does not seem to lag behind her peers, it is really called jealousy. "Ran, the cp you're high on seems to be having a falling out!" "No! Look at me in the guise of a professional matchmaker, matchmaking, I knocked the cp, absolutely can not split!" (The real big female lead, upgrade flow & invincible flow)

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