Goodbye Youth of Distant You
Author: zhi ya ya ya
46 Chapters
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Goodbye Youth of Distant You


Ever since Wei Wen first met Lu Xi, she fell in love with him. Lu Xi was sunny and handsome, while Wei Wen seemed so ordinary and small. Wei Wen's humble self-esteem predestined this kind of love can only be a secret love, yes, Wei Wen just quietly like Lu Xi for ten years. In the ten years, too many things happened, Wei Wen and Lu Xi from acquaintance to separation, and then Lu Xi has a girlfriend, but Wei Wen's feelings never changed. She secretly treasures the little moments with Lu Xi, perhaps Lu Xi will feel that they are not worth mentioning, but for Wei Wen is precious. When Wei Wen thought she had lost Lu Xi forever, they met again, and this time, will the outcome be different?

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