Fortunate Land
Author: hua xi di jun
55 Chapters
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Fortunate Land


Lin Lin X Liu Xuan [Playground of Life Ignorance caused the first separation between the two. The departure of relatives makes childhood and Liu Xuan no relationship. The two meet again, but there is no past love. Misunderstandings and misunderstandings and reunions. Lin Lin didn't remember her childhood with Liu Xuan until she was 18 years old and sent him off with a cursed fate. With remorse and regret, she is strong enough to face the rest of her life. The ties that span the domain and the ocean. Dreams and volunteers, the point of interaction between the two on their long road ahead. The wedding, the only proof of this bond. The revolutionary tide rushes, the AI clan power struggle. The divine intersection of dream and will, "Kou no Roku", the crystallization of this bond. Self-abuse for survival, redemption for entertainment, distortion of the world. When the children are six years old, Liu Xuan says to them, "Your mother, who is immensely looking forward to your birth." Just as she waited for the birth of "Lucky Land". [Holographic Playground In 2036, Lin Lin meets Nen. Butterfly effect, Lin Lin encounters the pseudo-mentor mission wanted by the whole service! Human-shaped blessing bag, holographic into sleep ...... Can the Drift God really take Lin Lin to see all the holographic landscapes and ten thousand cities of Nen without being tempted by lucre? Racial shackles and ethnic conflicts, the cooperation between the Dead and the Drifters hit the temple copy. Death and life, the eternal proposition of human beings meet with identity transformation. How will Lin Lin change her fate against the odds? Science intertwines consciousness, and the Omniscient One compiles and draws "Lucky Land". Blueprint Project Holographic ...... It is clear that holographic but more like reality, clear reality but more like the game of life. (If there is a similarity is purely accidental. Everything in this article is fictional.)

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