Fast-Tracking Raider Male Master is a Big Brother
Author: wa wa
101 Chapters
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Fast-Tracking Raider Male Master is a Big Brother


The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. But this is not enough, she even entered the world of fast wear. As a supporting character with a beautiful face, Jane Xinran later learned that every world is a big brother waiting for her. The villainous big brother: I am willing to fight the whole world for you! Demon King: Be good, be my demon queen, okay? State Master: I will take you to the history! Three thousand worlds, Jane Xin Ran confused, she is not here to do the task? How come they all treat her as a mission? A certain scourge demon master: the task is finally done? Ran, can you stay by my side now? Three thousand worlds, the male master is the only one.

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