Fast wear million fans fox spirit charm people
Author: wang yan yu ta
40 Chapters
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Fast wear million fans fox spirit charm people


"The fox is not a demon, sexy is not a slut Qingqiu Su delusionally inherits the "Su Daji" charm power, born with a pair of love eyes to seduce the soul Accidental death binds the scourge system, charmed all life ~ The tyrant hooked his hand to him: "I am the Lord of the world, I am willing to be a faint king for you." Fake eunuch Su: "Oh, is that so?" * Tyrant General's white moonlight blocking the street: "I fell in love with you at first sight, I'll give you whatever you want." Substitute Sue: "I want your life, give it?" * The real young master of the luxurious family is intimate in the ear: "My heart is all filled with you." Fake Young Master Sue: "Then can you give me your heart?" * Milk dog department LOL god: "Brother is so powerful duck, my life for brother obsessed, for brother crazy, for brother clang hit the big wall!" Team pet Sue: "Stinky brother, the wall is over there go clang it." ...... After Su delusional words successfully [hook] suck [lure] to all walks of life face big brother. Su delusion Yan: "Heard the saying? The fox is not a demon sexy is not a slut ~"

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