Fast forward: the reborn heroine took the lying win script
Author: pa shan shan
101 Chapters
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Fast forward: the reborn heroine took the lying win script


The first world: Tang Mura and Huo Zhongchen were born again. The first world: Tang Mula and Huo Zhongchen childhood friend, but was reborn female cross forked a foot, not only lost the family fortune, but also suffered from post-natal depression. She is bound to the system to start over again, she will return the sufferings she suffered in her previous life a hundred times, and make a fortune with her husband to steam buns. The second world (true and false thousand gold): Zhang Xiaoyun was swapped by a wicked woman, rejoined her family but was compared to the book-dressing girl who took over the house, her biological parents favored her and the third prince moved on to her! She has to start all over again with the binding system, she kicked the third prince and beat the girl in the book, but the sixth prince, who is violent and murderous, always comes to her to make his presence felt! ......

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