Fast Forward: After binding, the villain begs for a kiss every night
Author: zou mo
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Fast Forward: After binding, the villain begs for a kiss every night


(Cold and noble empress X paranoid and sickly villain) "The system was in tears. The system can't cry. The system was in tears. When he looked at the sickly villain who was holding himself against the wall, he said, "Why don't you just make the mistake?" ...... The queen of the empire, Shi Chuan, bound to the fast-track system for revenge for her rebirth. I thought I could just punch the green tea white lotus, kick the scum man sea king, and carry out the abuse of scum to the end. But after accidentally tying the mission target by mistake, she was pestered by the sickly villain. Sven scum top flow gaze obsession: trough, hidden marriage? The kind of official announcement. The sultry and flamboyant prince circled her into his arms: Your Highness, hug~ Sickly white cut black brother touching the cold silver bracelet, smiling purely harmless: sister, do not leave me ...... Reserved bully martyr president, immortal breeze master, paranoia addicted to the king of e-sports ...... One is stickier than the other. The time trough: ???? There is no one normal? The actual fact is that you will find millions of finished articles, the pit quality guarantee, rest assured to enter the pit]

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