Bringing a space supermarket to farming
Author: shao chai zhu ka fei
48 Chapters
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Bringing a space supermarket to farming


Xia Inaba crossed over and got a big hole in the back of her head, who did it? Good news, the supermarket she worked so hard for is coming with her! Bad news, the county she lives in has been invaded! Xia Inagana sacrifices her life to save others in the midst of war, rescuing a handsome man, bringing out three dragons, and several waves of enemy troops and assassins. Xia Inagana disobeyed the decree, but the result turned out to be the regent, and was entrusted by the late emperor? I heard that Xia Daohua had not married yet, and matchmakers were stepping over the threshold. The great general waved his hand and drove them all away: The regent is not going to marry today!

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