ambiguous marriage young wife
Author: zhu zi yu
55 Chapters
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ambiguous marriage young wife


She thought she could go on without fear, but her father remarried, her stepmother forced her, and her seemingly weak sister set her up by trickery. Fu Huai, in the daytime he is the legendary president of the business empire F&Z, in the night he is a powerful quadrilateral, cruel methods of the boss, but, cold nature, vicious and ruthless he has a fatal weakness, that is the Zuo family ambiguous treasure, she called him uncle, he loves her, marry her, put her on the tip of the heart spoiled, he vowed to do everything in this life, but also to guard her, protect her, not let anyone bully her. In a word, the thirty-two-year-old boss in the name of Kibi ambiguously spoiled ignorant young wife's marriage temptation history, a little abuse, very spoiled.

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