After the fast wear game and fell into the infinite game
Author: ta shi yue liang .
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After the fast wear game and fell into the infinite game


The first thing you need to do is to do a hard work and diligently finish the fast wear task to change a resurrection opportunity with the system. Who knows where this resurrection will have to rely on their own draw, Chiyin turned his hand to draw an infinite game world. The system I thank you:) The system: host do not be angry, who would have thought you so non- ah (whisper bb) Thousand sound: together with the destruction, I'm tired:) The system: don't ah don't ah host, you see I will you experience these worlds get things to give you how. The thousand yin: this is more or less. --- After entering the infinite game --- The face of the zombie siege, Chiune confident smile, from the space out of the laser cannon to blast the opposite zombie a piece of armor, the results of the laser cannon a pull out into a small pistol, emitting a laser beam is not as thick as her a finger. The laser cannon is not as thick as her finger. I put that big piece of a laser cannon where? [Ding, detected that the player props are not unlocked upgrade, by the system automatically modified to ordinary version] The system will automatically modify it to a normal version. Chinyin: Upgrade [Upgrade requires 1000000000000000000 gold coins, current balance 6666, insufficient balance, cannot upgrade] She knew it! How could the system be so kind! Dog system! Don't let me meet you again! ps: there is no male lead at the moment

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