After crossing over with space, she was turned on
Author: shi yue de guo guo
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After crossing over with space, she was turned on


[Space + farming + sweet pet] Su Ruchun accidentally crossed over and died in the beginning. The only thing left is the bun mother, the wailing younger siblings, the tiger eyeing the very best relatives! Look at the four walls of the family, and then look at their own sturdy body ...... poor not afraid, ugly definitely not! Fortunately, there are benefits of crossing, gift planting space. The medicine in hand, beauty I have. From then on, she took the family to fight the best, to make a fortune. The village's Gu family boy was cheeky enough to stick up for her. Although she is a face control, but also has the principle, the abdominal black do not want, the high position of power do not want. Gu Junli: ...... disliked by his daughter-in-law what to do? No way, can only love her, spoil her, follow her with a deadly face ......

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