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The scrap material against the sky spoiled emperor consort

This article is a good article, sweet and abusive, welcome to the pit! She is a top assassin in M country, but once she crossed over, she was treated as a living sacrifice! The straw man? The scum of the earth? Disfigured? And she was fed to monsters? Shit! Can't stand it anymore, beat the hell out of him! The regent started to regret, the prince started to throw the olive branch, what the crown princess, the prince consort, I do not care, who are you, all stay away from me! What kind of beauty is hidden beneath the ugly skin? In the past, the girl that everyone can bully has already changed! A Kun Yu fan has sealed the throats of many people, the continent is destined to reshuffle because of her! Scene 1: A demon male: "This seat guarded like a jade for so many years, mother this is intended to eat wipe clean not to admit it ......" he is obviously strong to the sky, but at the moment pretend to be a body delicate and weak was pushed down the model, charming and pitiful let her take charge. A certain person: "roll ......" A certain demon: "Roll?" Blink, blink again, he spring flowers to smile: "Respectfully." A tug over her, began to 'roll' ...... Scene 2: "Are you sure you don't want to marry me?" "Naturally!" He sighed and said, "Actually, I think - if you don't want to marry me as the empress, it's okay for me to marry you instead. Only you have to be single-minded to me and not to fiddle with flowers outside and leave me alone." "......" Summary: As long as I do not recognize, you will never become a lonely ghost. I've been holding a lamp for you for 3,000 years, but I hope you will return soon ......

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Fast wear million fans fox spirit charm people

This article is a good article, sweet and abusive, welcome to the pit! She is a top assassin in M country, but once she crossed over, she was treated as a living sacrifice! The straw man? The scum of the earth? Disfigured? And she was fed to monsters? Shit! Can't stand it anymore, beat the hell out of him! The regent started to regret, the prince started to throw the olive branch, what the crown princess, the prince consort, I do not care, who are you, all stay away from me! What kind of beauty is hidden beneath the ugly skin? In the past, the girl that everyone can bully has already changed! A Kun Yu fan has sealed the throats of many people, the continent is destined to reshuffle because of her! Scene 1: A demon male: "This seat guarded like a jade for so many years, mother this is intended to eat wipe clean not to admit it ......" he is obviously strong to the sky, but at the moment pretend to be a body delicate and weak was pushed down the model, charming and pitiful let her take charge. A certain person: "roll ......" A certain demon: "Roll?" Blink, blink again, he spring flowers to smile: "Respectfully." A tug over her, began to 'roll' ...... Scene 2: "Are you sure you don't want to marry me?" "Naturally!" He sighed and said, "Actually, I think - if you don't want to marry me as the empress, it's okay for me to marry you instead. Only you have to be single-minded to me and not to fiddle with flowers outside and leave me alone." "......" Summary: As long as I do not recognize, you will never become a lonely ghost. I've been holding a lamp for you for 3,000 years, but I hope you will return soon ......

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  • Fast wear crazy batch of female match of white moonlight

    She fell in love with the godly male master who was as soft as moonlight. For this reason, she went out of her way to follow him who had descended to the mortal world to experience a thousand worlds. She raided him, teased him and took care of him. He treats her like a mental patient, spoiling, obeying and protecting. Gradually he found that his care for her was no longer mere care. He thought that he should be crazy too, that's why he was just like her, greedy to have each other. And with each life, his love for her deepens more and more, and gradually he loses himself, wanting only to be with her towards the end.

  • Love follows water

    Even if you help your hair to catch ghosts in the middle of the night, you can still be haunted at home? Where do you think you're going? Please! I'm a master ghost hunter, not a master ghost hunter! How could I not understand why I couldn't do it when I saw this ghost? Maybe it was because the ghost was weak and couldn't be bothered. In the end, Olive Olive Soy completed mission after mission with his little ghost, only to find himself in the hands of others as well.

  • The Immortal God of Fast-Track System Cultivation of Immortality all depends on love

    The immortal world's famous immortal Song Curling is about to break the void realm when he was dragged into the three thousand worlds by a self-proclaimed master god raiding system to raid the master god. As long as the raid is successful, the merit and virtue will be complete to cross the border to become a god. The giant star boy: you can adopt me, I can give you laundry cooking warm bed. The cold emperor: I vacate six palaces for you, promise you a lifetime and a pair of people. The domineering general: I take the rivers and mountains as a bride, ten miles of red makeup to marry you. The delicate husband: wife master, the gift of saving life should be promised in return. .................. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. [Note: This article has no logic ...]

  • I fall in love with corn

    Qin Jiuxue returned home for the Mid-Autumn Festival, who knew that helping to collect autumn, but with a corn fell in love! ⒈ full frame, no logic, do not examine. ⒈ full-text shelf, no logic, do not test. ⒉ full-text with the heart to write, hard to please leave. I hope everyone is happy every day.

  • Fortunate Land

    Lin Lin X Liu Xuan [Playground of Life Ignorance caused the first separation between the two. The departure of relatives makes childhood and Liu Xuan no relationship. The two meet again, but there is no past love. Misunderstandings and misunderstandings and reunions. Lin Lin didn't remember her childhood with Liu Xuan until she was 18 years old and sent him off with a cursed fate. With remorse and regret, she is strong enough to face the rest of her life. The ties that span the domain and the ocean. Dreams and volunteers, the point of interaction between the two on their long road ahead. The wedding, the only proof of this bond. The revolutionary tide rushes, the AI clan power struggle. The divine intersection of dream and will, "Kou no Roku", the crystallization of this bond. Self-abuse for survival, redemption for entertainment, distortion of the world. When the children are six years old, Liu Xuan says to them, "Your mother, who is immensely looking forward to your birth." Just as she waited for the birth of "Lucky Land". [Holographic Playground In 2036, Lin Lin meets Nen. Butterfly effect, Lin Lin encounters the pseudo-mentor mission wanted by the whole service! Human-shaped blessing bag, holographic into sleep ...... Can the Drift God really take Lin Lin to see all the holographic landscapes and ten thousand cities of Nen without being tempted by lucre? Racial shackles and ethnic conflicts, the cooperation between the Dead and the Drifters hit the temple copy. Death and life, the eternal proposition of human beings meet with identity transformation. How will Lin Lin change her fate against the odds? Science intertwines consciousness, and the Omniscient One compiles and draws "Lucky Land". Blueprint Project Holographic ...... It is clear that holographic but more like reality, clear reality but more like the game of life. (If there is a similarity is purely accidental. Everything in this article is fictional.)

  • The world of beasts

    After waking up in a different world, she was picked up by a powerful man as his wife! Shen Yiyi wants to cry, she is a weak human, will not really give him a baby? It turns out that God is really not human, but also bound her to an inhumane system, do not do the task you still have no life to live. Shen Yiyi life, but what can I do? I thought I was going to die, but who knew that this tall, handsome man would put her as a baby in his heart and spoil her ...... Want precious rabbit skin for shoes? The other tribes came to offend, beat your mother do not know. Shen Yiyi gradually moved, but how there is a knot in the heart, "We can not give birth to small children, can not bear ah!"

  • Love robbery this thing I have something to say

    [irritable mouth suspicious body straight strange power female sword god x stoic crazy batch fox right way leader beauty] *The male lead is really crazy beauty strong miserable a little sickly The world knows that although the Cangcheng gatekeeper Fang Chu looks mediocre, but wins in natural talent, at a young age has become the leader of a lineage of the righteous, to be admired by millions. But he married an ugly wife, it is said that not only is the birth of ugly, all up and down actually half of the cultivation is not. Even if he himself is extremely respectful of his wife, but can not help but the master is busy with things all day long, coupled with the malicious rumors of malicious people outside, ugly wife finally killed herself, swiftly died in Fang Chu to defend the beast tide that day. --The day that Fang Chu fought against the beast tide. Xu Mian struggled to climb up to the reincarnation pool, I thought a forgetfulness pills down This black history of the general calamity should be over, which know ascension ceremony is not, the emperor Feng Yang up is a clean up and go down, and said "you love calamity is not finished, do not rush back"? What? Xu Mian asked to know, it turned out to be her scenery, the righteous leader of the Taoist couple crazy. It was said that he was going to destroy all three worlds to bury her with him. What can she do, she can only curse and go to catch people. -- At the beginning about the death of his lover, Fang Chu looked for many reasons In the end, she found out that she was at fault and that he was the biggest murderer So Fang Chu made a decision He wanted to help his lover, who had returned, to fulfill a wish - Fang Chu wanted the other party to take his life with his own hands. If she wants him to die, then he has only one wish, which is to keep himself in her heart forever, in whatever form.

  • The return of the concubine daughter step by step

    (Words to me and to you! 1V1 empty spoiled text, the goddess dressed as a concubine girl, from then on the peak of life!) Li Yu Qiao was originally the first daughter of the Shang Shu Mansion, but was forced to become a concubine girl. After her mother was expelled from the church, her mother and daughter were exiled to the countryside, and her biological father did not care about her since then. She has not yet reached maturity, and was married off to an underling by her 'first mother', while her father looked on with indifference. ...... In order to revenge, she resolutely decided to return to the house with dirt, since then opened a step by step road ...... The first thing you need to do is to get rid of the problem. Highlights. Li Yu Qiao looked askance at Ji Wu Ming, "Where is your high coolness? Where is your modesty?" Ji Wu Ming said cheekily, "Discipline? What the hell is that? It's been shattered all over the place! I've been cold all these years, but I was only waiting to warm you up!"

  • Fast wear female match chasing male match

    Infatuation evil! Scum! The hero's female match, IQ is not online, to the heroine to send the head, forgetting the male match chasing behind her, ended up in a miserable end. So cross the chief Tang Zhizhi then go to these worlds to punish the scum, find infatuation in their male counterparts as companions, happy life. The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do.

  • I'm a groupie in every world

    Jane Heart died and she prayed to the gods to bring her back to life. The gods did not appear, a system appeared. The system kindly tells her that she can be resurrected if she completes the task and helps the male lead. Jane Xin asked: Is it difficult? The system said: not difficult, I gave you bound but the group pet persona. The system said, "I've given you a lot of time to do this. Jane was very happy, confident to complete the task, the results ...... The group pet persona is not false, except that The first world: she is the only young daughter of the landlord's family, the object of the task: by the landlord's father squeezed to the family's destruction of the young son of the farming family. (Completed) The second world: she is the young male of a luxurious family, the object of the task: the little Buddhist squire without desire. (Completed) The third world: she is the baby daughter of the most authoritative professor of the doomsday base, mission object: the elite captain of the belly reborn back to take revenge. (Completed) The fourth world: she is the little stepsister of her sister-controlled brother's school dregs, mission object: gloomy and dark mad batch of college dregs. ............ System, you come out and talk. 1v1

  • The fast wear of my host always want to darken

    The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. Since then, the waves over the various realms, a word of disagreement to carry a knife to cut, fight all over the world invincible. Qiu Ying: I heard that this protagonist combat power is explosive, can I cut (beat) with him (him)? The system: kiss, please do not just open the berserk mode Σ (?д? |||)? Qiu Ying:This little brother looks really good, can I take him home? The system: pro, please do not just collapse the persona (° ° ° 〃) Qiu Ying: you say I am not the most gentle, beautiful, kind-hearted female goose under the sky ~ System: host, you normal, first put down the knife! Qiu Ying: think back then I was also rich, the suitors around the world a circle. System: wake up, that is chasing you for revenge emmm #hosts are going crazy every day # # Miss every day want to collapse the realm and find people to fight # # On how to keep the system on its toes every day #

  • I like you so much

    Li Jiao got into college, her family was afraid that the cabbage would be swallowed by a pig, but who would have thought that she just finished her military training and gained a boyfriend. He is also a special forces veteran who came to help lead the military training instructor for a few days He is cold and handsome, ascetic temperament explosion After knowing that people do not have a girlfriend, her road to chase her husband began But the first time to chase someone, the situation is full of problems Doing push-ups, she threw herself on her back and was treated like a prick by him She was kicked out of her shoes during a walk and almost hit him, which was considered as revenge. Listening to a lecture, she peeked at someone because she was horny, she didn't stand still, and knelt down directly on the spot in the lecture hall of a thousand people Li Jiao: "Seriously, I'm not embarrassed, just want to die" I thought her boyfriend would be hopeless, but I never thought... She threw her shoes away, and he picked them up. "Crystal shoes, put them on." Seeing that she was getting sunburned, he stood behind her and helped shade her from the sun The instructor from another class brought a piece of watermelon, he didn't take it and let her take it. After a while, he said "Li Jiao, I order you to eat the watermelon." "Yes." Zhang Jiuling also did not expect to meet such a person, as soon as she pampered, he wanted to give her his life "If your means of controlling the enemy is pampering, I will not even think of picking up a weapon" "I love my country, and I love her. Thereafter, for the rest of my life, I will be loyal to my country and love her" ............ "Li Jiao" "Present!" "This piece of paper has my name and phone number on it, save it in your address book" "Yes, promise to complete the task" "This is not a mission, it's my request to you" ...... "Whew-" A loud whistle sounded in the military training ground The instructor of the next class saw the little girl peeking next to him and asked "Jiuling, that girl, from your class?" Zhang Jiuling glanced at her "En, mine." ?

  • The Goddess Detective

    Zhuge Ming, an old detective who was popular in the country, suddenly retired to his hometown when he was in his prime. The youngest daughter Zhuge Xiaoyue and her maid Ling'er have experienced the major mysteries such as "The Voice of Deaf Village", "The Mystery of Tianshasa Temple", "Misty Dragon City", "Survival in the Jungle", "Heart of the Moon" and "Nine Dragons Mystery" in search of the antidote. On the way to solve each mystery, Zhuge Xiaoyue found a hidden inner connection, the mystery all point to a mysterious master of medicine mixing. Misty and interlocking, the truth is far more bizarre than it seems ...... The Voice of the Deaf Village": The whole village has become deaf and dumb overnight, the ear-piercing and strange sounds keep ringing out at night, the accidental arrest, the mysterious little girl, the legendary treasure, everything is interwoven together and becomes confusing ...... The Mystery of Tensha Temple: The fire in the dining room, the poisoning in the water room, the murder of the monks, the different personalities of the lodgers, all pointing to the mysterious person hiding, are they only here for the mystery person? Maybe not necessarily ...... ......

  • Enough people

    After Tian Xi Xi and Xiao Muyun separated, Xiao Muyun gave her a box with an exquisite design and unique texture to fascinate people. However, this box actually has an infinite magic power, and everything that happened after Tian Xi Xi received the box is because of it ......

  • I build a nation in the post-apocalyptic world

    [Holographic game + post-apocalyptic] Who would have thought that this wake up can give a change of place. Gu Sheng was originally an ordinary game review anchor in Blue Star, one day after the world broadcast up to find that she wore, but also because of a game warehouse back a huge amount of money owed. Gu Sheng: ...... Seriously, I've never been so speechless in my life. [Dingdong! The "Doomsday Survival" holographic game is fully online, this game uses the most advanced biological access technology, anthropomorphic up to 99% +. The game will be officially opened after 02:00 minutes and 00 seconds, please be ready to log in! By coincidence, the holographic game opened, Gu Sheng Bing not to waste resources and decided to enter the pit. Who knows. [System: Dingdong! You can't leave the game without reaching the pass achievement, wish you a happy game ~] So you can only ...... City map? Get the koi teammates! ...... Territory building? People: Hey, wait! Why is this territory not painted right? Gu Sheng waved his hand: Oh, it's all the same, don't pay too much attention to details. The crowd looked at the territory floating in mid-air and fell into silence. * [small tip before reading. 1. no cp, no reason brain hole growth article. 2. mainstream holographic online game, there are a lot of private settings, part of the game settings reference now online games.]

  • I bought a flow love bean

    He is a top flow love bean in the entertainment industry, named as a once-in-a-millennium "Central Plains beautiful man", after the debut of the group is a hot mess, but not a penny in the pocket. She is a marriage expert who went to Hengdian to relax after losing her marriage, good at reading people's minds, teasing people without knowing it, never following stars but conquered by a flow love bean. ............ "He is just using you to go to the flow." "Why didn't he find someone else to fall in love with to flow, but to find me? It's not because he likes me?" ............ "Your fans said that you like white skin, big breasts and long legs of the European and American style?" "Which has! What kind of sister, I like!" ............ On the podium, he said, "I love you! But if I didn't love honor more, I couldn't love you so much!" ............ On the stage he shone brightly, and off the stage she watched in silence. In the midst of thousands of people, in the midst of the joy of the field, in the midst of the universal celebration, they look at each other, silently transmitting their feelings, in their eyes and hearts, are each other. 2022, in their blatant but cautious, trying to hide but can not restrain, trembling but romantic and exciting love, quietly came. ............ Hot off the presses comes. "Who is the only woman he pays attention to?" "The necklace he wears is the name of that big sister" "He took his scandalous girlfriend to meet his parents?" Sister response: Talked, split up! ............ The sensible elite royal sister X sunny honest brother Sister: say goodbye to sanity, life is rare a few times crazy! Brother: say goodbye to the flow, become a strength to love you with abandon.

  • The end of the world with tens of billions of supplies

    [post-apocalyptic + rebirth + space + strong men and women + alien energy] a planet with a virus crashed into the Earth, no one knows where it came from, the virus floating in the atmosphere, a heavy rain, the zombie virus swept the world, so the end of the world came ......

  • The emperor of fast penetration was beaten today

    [Sweet article, easy, no abuse] The fairy, who is addicted to dog blood novels, accidentally pushed the emperor off the immortal execution platform. In order to redeem herself and save her beloved god, Ling Iris decided to go to the small world to find the soul of the emperor. But the emperor is obsessed with the heroine can not extricate himself, Ling Kite in order to coax the soul back, it can be said to use all means. ---- The emperor: I want to get rich overnight. I'm not sure I'm going to be able to get the job done. The emperor: I want to be invincible. :With me, you are invincible in the world. The emperor: I want to go to the heroine. Leng Kui raised her small white fist. After a long time, looking at the untidy clothes eyes flooded with tears of the emperor, a gentle smile: still want? The emperor: no ...... do not want. I'm sorry, but I'm sorry.

  • Love Night Sickle

    Strange events occur frequently in X City. The mysterious beautiful man travels from the past to the maiden's bathroom, and the two explore the secret behind the events together. The general and the girl's love hot pot is boiling, the guests do not serve a bowl to try?

  • I am serious about love

    The main reason for this is the fact that it is not a good idea to have a good time. When the black and white sweet sand carving, encounter with a gentle skin of the hungry wolf, what fun and exciting things will happen, bursting out how much spark? Case one Soon after we got together, Chen Xiaoshina got excited one day and used her own Mr. Jiang's phone to play games. She found out that she had a note on Mr. Jiang's phone: "Little Head". So there was the next part of the conversation. "Why is my note small brain?" "Because you have a small head." "Did you only see my head when we first met?" "Hmm." ...... Friendship Case 2 The circle of friends gathering is always chatter. Tong Ziyi: "XX is a rising star in the entertainment industry, she ......" Xu Manqi: "XX is a rising star among scientists, he ......" Wu Ruoxin looked at Chen Xiaoxiao, and then looked at Jiang Yeqiu, her eyes full of sympathy. "Your male ticket Jiang senior is the rising star of B University, you look at you again." "What's wrong with me!" Chen Xiaoxiao is not convinced "I am also a show!" "What?" The three were confused at the same time. Hearing the conversation of the three, Jiang Yeqiu's hand that was peeling shrimp for Chen Xiaoxiao gave a beat, and the corner of his mouth hooked up with a meaningful smile. Then, Chen Xiaoxiao proudly returned: "Tihua's show" [Profile Incompetence

  • 500 years of shock

    Early one morning, three bodies were found in front of the abandoned school building of a private school, with horrible death and weird expressions. Preliminary police investigation found that they died by suicide. An Ran does not believe that her good friend Cao Juan would easily commit suicide, she finds private detective Su Shi Wei and proposes a commission. Su Shiwei accepted the commission and went to Chongde Private School with his partner Fu Zhiyang to investigate. In the abandoned building behind the place of death, he encounters a strange young man, Gu Naqiu, speaking some unknown language and seemingly prophetic words. What secrets are hidden in the deepest depths, and who is secretly guiding this seemingly natural occurrence step by step?

  • The fast wear of how he blacked out again

    The cold school bully took advantage of the wine to be a jerk to Su Shi: "Don't run away again, I can't stand it." The first thing you need to do is to get your hands on the right one! The sullen blood slave rubbed against Su Shih's body: "I heard you drank other people's blood today." You have overstepped the mark!

  • The queen of the movie, she is hiding her beauty in the golden house

    The Queen of Shadows Loli attack × high cold beauty suffer] After many years apart, Gu Yoli meets her first love Qi La Gu Joli is already a star in the limelight But her ex-girlfriend is broke and has fallen from grace. So Gu Jao Li became Qi La's golden master. But because of the persona given by the company, Gu Yoli needs to maintain an innocent and lovely image in front of the camera. So one day Qi La suddenly proposed to break up. The Qi La: "I don't like the girl attack" Gu Jao Li decided to terminate the contract and publicly come out of the closet The netizens then realized that they have scolded the green tea actress "Gu Qi" for so long she does not like men, and is a 1! And it's a 1!

  • Fast-Tracking Raider Male Master is a Big Brother

    The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you want to do. But this is not enough, she even entered the world of fast wear. As a supporting character with a beautiful face, Jane Xinran later learned that every world is a big brother waiting for her. The villainous big brother: I am willing to fight the whole world for you! Demon King: Be good, be my demon queen, okay? State Master: I will take you to the history! Three thousand worlds, Jane Xin Ran confused, she is not here to do the task? How come they all treat her as a mission? A certain scourge demon master: the task is finally done? Ran, can you stay by my side now? Three thousand worlds, the male master is the only one.

  • The villain's guide to blacking out in the fast wear

    Bei Yu was suddenly bound by the system one day to go to various worlds to find the soul fragments of the Lord God. [Host, our goal is to clear the blackening value, collect soul fragments, and help the villain become a law-abiding, three-good youth! ? Gangly school bully: ? Little follower, now give you two choices, be my wife or I'll be your husband. North Psi: Is there a difference? White cut black little pupil: Master, to hug! Master is not allowed to smile at others! North Psi: Please don't be cute. So, how did I become a fox in this world?! A certain prince: the king's fox who are not allowed to touch! The king can not sleep without the little fox. One morning woke up suddenly changed the body of the North You rubbed the sleepy eyes, but suddenly was covered with a quilt. "Little fox, ate the king's meat is the king's fox." # On what about having a thief floating host? # The thing about the host pretending to be a little white flower again. Ó

  • Pingzhou Trick

    Tian Fei was an ordinary civilian police officer until one day there was a murder in the town under his jurisdiction

  • After the fast wear game and fell into the infinite game

    The first thing you need to do is to do a hard work and diligently finish the fast wear task to change a resurrection opportunity with the system. Who knows where this resurrection will have to rely on their own draw, Chiyin turned his hand to draw an infinite game world. The system I thank you:) The system: host do not be angry, who would have thought you so non- ah (whisper bb) Thousand sound: together with the destruction, I'm tired:) The system: don't ah don't ah host, you see I will you experience these worlds get things to give you how. The thousand yin: this is more or less. --- After entering the infinite game --- The face of the zombie siege, Chiune confident smile, from the space out of the laser cannon to blast the opposite zombie a piece of armor, the results of the laser cannon a pull out into a small pistol, emitting a laser beam is not as thick as her a finger. The laser cannon is not as thick as her finger. I put that big piece of a laser cannon where? [Ding, detected that the player props are not unlocked upgrade, by the system automatically modified to ordinary version] The system will automatically modify it to a normal version. Chinyin: Upgrade [Upgrade requires 1000000000000000000 gold coins, current balance 6666, insufficient balance, cannot upgrade] She knew it! How could the system be so kind! Dog system! Don't let me meet you again! ps: there is no male lead at the moment

  • The happy flyover

    There are too many things in life that are not as good as they should be, some people live, some people die, some people are on the way to find, you have a story, I have wine, some things happen, it is difficult to change ......

  • I am in Douluo when the red lady

    Qiran Ran, a cute high school girl, is quite obsessed with games and anime. In an accident, she unfortunately fell into a valley and her whereabouts are unknown. But she did not die, but came to another world, a world belonging to the martial spirit, named Douluo Continent. Here there is no magic, no fighting qi, no martial arts, but there are magical martial souls. Every ...... Qiran Ran: "I said stop stop! You simply did not catch the point, okay? Here how so many handsome and beautiful ah, it's so good to knock! Wuhu! " She doesn't seem to be interested in cultivation or anything, she just wants to see handsome men and women in love. But even so, her strength as a soul master does not seem to lag behind her peers, it is really called jealousy. "Ran, the cp you're high on seems to be having a falling out!" "No! Look at me in the guise of a professional matchmaker, matchmaking, I knocked the cp, absolutely can not split!" (The real big female lead, upgrade flow & invincible flow)

  • I wish to love the rest of my life as before

    He said that there were no tears on the Ferris wheel and he wanted to give her the most beautiful happiness. But later, he knew she was allergic to mangoes, but he poured a cup full of mango juice himself and handed it to her. It was only then that she knew that between them, it was just a game, half a life of absurdity.

  • I want to endlessly with you

    Qin Muchen and He Xinyang grew up as childhood sweethearts, the two are considered to look at each other, but once there is a third person, they can be said to be unanimous. However, when Qin Muchen just finished his midterm, the accident came and he was leaving ...... Qin Muchen went abroad for two years and finally came back. But he found his own little girl surrounded by people is also increasing day by day ah! "Evening, come here." He Xin Evening looked at the person in front of him who had not seen him for two years, seems to have changed a lot again, but as someone who grew up disliking him, can not be compared to him. "Why should I go over when you tell me to?" "Evening, give me a hug, good boy." "......" "Evening, no getting too close to other boys." "......" "Evening, the rest of my life wants to endlessly with you, so ......" "Wait, um ......" No, what the situation ah? He Xin evening really a face confused just like that, the little green plum confused by the bamboo horse to cheat away the rest of life.

  • Please sign for your plug-in

    "Host, the villain is dying, hurry up and save the day!" "Host, the villain urgently needs a hanged master to support the scene, please go as soon as possible!" "Host ......" "All right! Can't you see I'm eating candy canes? How come you system has no eyesight at all? The villain loves to die, so go ahead and do it!" North Xiaomei unconcerned to continue to nibble sugar gourd, completely did not take the system's words to heart. "Mission important or sugar gourd important ah?" The system is going to cry. "Sugar gourd!" The north small meditation thought not even think about a serious answer. This article is fast wear, absolutely bursting with laughter, do not like not spray, thank you for your support! Welcome to the group ~ \(≧▽≦)/~ QQ group number: 548641352

  • I married the paranoid bigot again

    She was kept by him as a canary for three years and was resenting him even before she died. Reborn back to the day she was first sold into the Huo family by her parents, looking at the man whose face was exquisitely handsome but almost pale and sickly, she forced herself to curb her spikes and behave in front of him. "I'm well-behaved, can you not lock me up?" "Will you run away?" The man's low, husky voice rang in her ears. She shook her head hard: "No." In order to live a life that is no longer gloomy, she will not run away again. Since then, the upper class circles in the deep city have quietly spread the news: don't look at Mrs. Huo more than once! Because more than Mrs. Huo a glance of the whole fucking day Liang Wang broke! [double clean, no abuse, the male lead in a previous life is really imprisoned the female lead, micro forced love and male lead is sick (physically sick, psychologically sick), or have two set, see comments demining, the protagonist three views does not represent the author's three views, the author is more protective, scold me scold the protagonist can not, inappropriate language small black room waiting]

  • Quick Wear: I cure the villain big brother are blackened

    Fast-Though - Cure - Sweet Pet] The nine-tailed fox Shi Qi, who is about to ascend to the gods, is struck by lightning and goes to the three thousand worlds to heal the miserable villains in order to ascend again. After crossing the world, the system suddenly found that the style of painting is a little wrong! Should have been oppressed gloomy bastard suddenly began to seize power and calculate, the main mansion young master pawn! The luxurious family hands to her. The prince who is about to ascend the throne died! The rivers and mountains for hire only for her. The former noble and despondent movie star suddenly step up to the plate and crush her top stream pawn! I want to get down to business, but I don't want the villains to be crazy about her! The system: "host you cure the villain how all blackened feed?

  • The fast wear reverse my host super fierce

    The most important thing is that you have to be able to do it. My host is very cold! The main reason for this is that it is not a good idea. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. The company's main business is to provide a wide range of products and services to its customers. Her home host every moment is killing people, simply do not be too scary! This host is a bit ferocious, moving to kill people hanging on the mouth, as the direct system do nothing to say he was very sad. The host is very hypocritical, acting very gentle, but in fact very bloody and violent. When he first met Chang Huan, Do Nothing felt that he was the luckiest cub, after getting along, he realized that it wasn't that life was tricky, but that he was too naive. Whenever he thinks of the reason he started to bind he can't help but poke his eyes out! How blind was he to think that his host was the kindest person in the world? (The company's main goal is to provide the best possible service to its customers. (Do not like do not spray.)

  • When the big brother live after raising pups

    After Su second card seven debut failure, was the whole network black into coal. Everyone is spitting on her at a young age actually have five pups! What's the use of good looks, strength and what's the use, no matter how can not change her moral quality is bad and also promiscuous child scum line! Su second as if he did not hear about it, at home to raise the pups, and even began to live broadcast the pups funny daily. A lot of netizens scoffed: who would watch that kind of garbage show! Who watches who dogs! The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you're doing. Awsl, what kind of poison did that woman give me, the pups are too cute! The netizens are cursing: So, who are the dads of the pups, we don't scold you King of the Sea anymore, right? Kyoto Baba total wildly clarified: whose pups who claim, hold away my family seconds not about. Immediately after that, the big man with Su seconds big sister came, the black belt bully with Su seconds second sister came, and the female big man top flow and Su seconds third sister and medical ghost doctor and Su seconds fourth sister. Five cubs: people want aunt ~ (? ˉ????? ˉ???) The crowd: ...... is the night, the dog man will be Su seconds circle in the arms, dark compulsion: seconds, we should not also have a pup? Su seconds: ...... roll ah!

  • Film Review Copywriting

    This is an anthology of film and television works

  • The demonic spirit of the kindergarten

    A demon world child is studying in the earthly world? Rookie designer Zhang Yue was hired by mistake to become a kindergarten teacher in the demon world, opening the door to a wonderful new world of light and strange. Easy to ^_^

  • The daily practice of immortality by the scrappy sister

    "The system is not a series of sweet little coats. After Jiang Leyan wears a book, she is determined to cultivate immortality. As a genius, her cultivation level is increasing by leaps and bounds. The only problem is the system that black-hearted cotton, every day issued sand carved tasks, not to complete the kind of lightning struck. Bitter, even the tribulation is the darling of the heavenly dao without the thunderbolt, she was actually coerced every day, yielding to the force of the system. On how to avoid the villain big brother and fiancé blackened on the road to the devil? A: Then use the warmth of love to touch him. System: "Ding! What to save you, my blackened fiancé series. Please host within ten minutes to express the gushing love for the eldest brother, the number of words is not less than twenty words, failure please accept the punishment of lightning, success will get ......" Jiang Le Yan expected the big brother is certainly not nearby, the voice is particularly loud and boisterous: "I love the big brother most in this world, I crave him to cook the red meat for a long time!" Damn the system actually automatically wind through the muffled sound. "I crave him for a long time la ...... la ...... la ......" echoed in the air... ... More tragically, feeling the atmosphere is not right Jiang Le Yan turned to the ink-clad, clear dust, stunning posture of the figure, instantly stiffened. Su Yexun is distressed and enjoyable, suddenly his long-lost fiancée has become his little sister. The senior sister is white and soft and beautiful, but overly sandy. ---- Jiang Le Yan: "My life is up to me, not the sky, free and happy immortal." Su night Xun: "Forever and ever, you are mine, and only mine! The world for the sacrifice, for you into the devil into the cycle of reincarnation, only wish you peace and freedom."

  • The fast wear female match: accidentally become a white moonlight

    The first thing you need to do is to get a good idea of what you are getting into. After the martyrdom of the male protagonist in three worlds, Murexie lost all her savings. The most important thing is that you can't be afraid of the baby's heart, but the baby won't say anything. The most boss Ji Lang Yu said, as long as the fate of the female counterpart change, reverse to become a god, otherwise do not return without earning enough money. Mure convergence: Boing boing boing Su Su Su, sweet sweet sweet. The female lead skin white and beautiful long legs, dumb and cute little pathetic, love at first sight terrier.

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